Friday, February 08, 2008

Allison Pointe Flooded

I happened to drive by the old Allison Pointe building yesterday. The little stream or drainage ditch that rain behind the pond had flooded. I never remember that ever having much water in it. For the moment the pond is about twice it's normal size as it has entirely engulfed the walking path. I didn't have a chance to look, but the wooden lookout at the farthest point of the trail has got to be under water.

I also noticed that another building is being built there. I was surprised, since I though that park had shifted to entirely maintenance mode. I believe this is the building that I saw being constructed.

I was in a meeting and someone mentioned that they remembered when that park was being built. They said that there was a bill board there that said something like "Allison Pointe, where nature and business meet". Behind the bill board you could see a vast array of stumps from all the trees they had cleared. During this itteration too it looked like they have pruned the area. May have been needed since the area was pretty over grown and there was lots of trash from the interstate.



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