Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I See Former VIFI People

I have been working at J.D. Byrider for 8 months and I found out today that there have been former VIFI employees or their family members around me this whole time. Spooky.

Every so often I will take a walk around the office park with some of my coworkers to take a break. Earlier today we went on one such walk. On the way out my boss put on his sunglasses and someone asked if he was doing it because the future was so bright that he had to wear shades. That then sent me into a tirade. I started griping about this place I worked two jobs ago. One of my team members seemed keenly interested as if something I was saying was familiar to him and asked what company that was. I said re:Member and he said that his wife was working as a developer for VIFI when they got sold. He also said that one of our customer service people also worked for VIFI. She may or may not have been part of the sale.

I'm going to be keeping a closer eye on the people around me from now on, since I have no idea what other things about them may sneak up on me.

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