Thursday, December 22, 2005

Long Life and Liberty to former rDSers

Hi friends and family,

Tou just got in contact with me recently and I was checking my e-mail this morning when I fount his invitation to BLOG!!! :)

It has been interesting times since leaving rDS/OSI! Let's see... the hostile corporate takeover by the evil HR Director, Ratbert, occurred on July 9, 2004, I went on vacation for a week to Green Lake, WI and Gatlinburg, TN, then proceeded to start interviewing immediately upon my return to rDS/OSI. It took about 3 weeks, as I remember, to find the job with which I am currently employed - the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (Midwest ISO or MISO for short). I started my employ with MISO on August 30, 2004 and have been there every since. As I write this, I am enjoying a 2 week vacation that will put me back at work sometime next year...:) The Midwest ISO is essentially the people who are in charge of the transmission of electricity for the 15 Midwestern states and 1 Canadian province. I currently work as a software planning analyst for the Business Applications group and have been responsible for testing the Credit application, TIBCO interface, the MISO Portal, Local Security Administration, the Credit Interfaces and Siebel eEnergy application. More recently I have been involved with proof of concept testing for test management tools that we are considering purchasing - I will be leading the test team into it's automated testing phase. We considered many tools, however, we are down to two - Compuware and Mercury. I personally like Mercury's tool better, however, either tool will suit our purposes, so we will let the movers and shakers make the decision on that one... :) All this being said, I like the VERY short commute back and forth to work because MISO is in Carmel, IN, and I live in Westfield, IN. I think I read something in the other posts about rDS/OSI going to business casual attire - LOL, I have been on that every since coming to MISO - get used to it, it is an image thing for the company especially if you have to deal with clients and contractors running around, oh, add there is the occasional visit from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that always takes your breath away... :)

Over the last year or so since leaving rDS/OSI, I have been involved in many personal projects as well. In that time I have completed my first full-length book of poetry - it is called Old World in a New Century - The Poetry of Bryant Keith Benson. As of August 5, 2005 it was registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and so I will eventually look for a publisher. Also, I have had my first poem actually published in the United Kingdom - it is in a publication called 'Poetic Hours' and the poem that was accepted was concerning the Tsunami of 2004. I have an idea for a Christian Fiction book that I would like to explore and may sit down to write the book in the next year or two. Also last year, I did a verse by verse study of the Gospel according to St. John in the New Testament and taught a class in October, 2005 - my notes for that study was in the neighborhood of 250 to 350 pages, so I am considering revising those notes and using them to write another book. Also, since leaving rDS/OSI, I have joined the band at the church that I attend (I am one of the two percussionists); I generally play the congas, the bongos, and the djembe so our music has a Latin or African hand drum heartbeat from time to time... :) I have also been engaged in several woodworking projects such as building a headboard and frame for my wife's master bedroom. :)

Well, I need to get up and get going, perhaps I will spend some time at Menards this morning so that I can do some woodworking this afternoon; in my workshop, I have been building birdhouses and cubicle coat hangers for friends and co-workers - got a nice raise to move from rDS/OSI to MISO and the yearly bonus on top of the raise wasn't bad either... At any rate, I wish you all the very best and I wish you enough during this very special Christmas season.

May Christ our Lord be with you wherever you go!
Bryant K. Benson December 22, 2005


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